CNC milling

We can provide manufacturing of three-dimensional advertising elements with the help of FLEXI-CAM 3D CNC milling machine. Milling functions such as cutting, drilling, folding, engraving and sawing allow us to make unique, customized, promotional signs of various styles, shapes and lines, as well as their parts. To fulfill various needs and requirements of advertising projects, we work with materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, foam plastic, PVC, organic glass, MDF and others.


Cutting plotter does not have a printhead, but a very sharp knife, that moves over the surface of the sheet of paper and carries out small and large detail cuts: letters, stencils, and so on.

Plotter sticker manufacturing cycle:

- Preparing a layout for plotting in vectors 

- Selection of adhesive film 

- Plottering 

- Clearing the parts off excess film 

- Sticking the transfer film so that the labeled sticker can be applied to the required surface.


We offer document lamination – from the size of a business card to A0 +. There are types of documents that are commonly used every day (passes, menus, instructions). Documents crumble, fingerprints remain and paper is subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations, its’ appearance gets worse. In such cases, document lamination can be used. Laminated paper keeps a fresh look for a long time, without having to worry about moisture and chemical substances. For lamination, films of different thicknesses from 32 to 250 microns are being used.

We offer two types of lamination: Hot lamination: from the size of a business card size to A4. The printout is placed into transparent laminate casing on both sides. The work is carried out at a temperature of 110 degrees. Cold lamination: width up to 2m. 

Materials to be used: Different types of adhesive film, light reflective adhesive films, fluorescent films, adhesive film for car wrapping, metallic adhesive films, self-adhesive films, shirt labels, and so on


We can help you with various promotional projects, combining our digital printing and embroidery capabilities. We offer a flexible and competitive price (it depends on the complexity of the design components you choose and the number of stitches you need to implement it), quick realization deadlines, careful consideration of the details and quality, as well as professional advice for the fulfilment of your goals.

We can use embroidery technique on sports or business shirts, hats, jackets, towels, tablecloths, bed linen, cloth bags, blankets, sportswear, working clothes. We embroider, using your desing, and we also can help you to create a new one.