Roll up stands

Mobile advertising stand is a convenient and practical way of advertising. It is easy to store and transport, with simply changable advertising space. We offer various roll up stands, suitable for any situation. Mobile stands are ideal for exhibitions, presentations, seminars, conferences and other events. Roll up stand has a specific folding construction – advertising poster stand. This construction is very compact, but in an expanded form takes up a considerable amount of advertising space. 

Each stand includes a full colour print on fabric, paper or PVC for the transportation of constructions and bags. The sizes of the stand range from 0, 6 to 2, 5 m in width and 1, 8 to 3 m in height.

Foldable stands


Foldable stands are lightweight constructions, mobile, pop-up stands, interconnected by magnetic connections. 

Elfra SPACE pop-up stand is easy to assemble, easy to carry in a specially designed transport cylinder, which can also be used as a counter.  

Pop-up stand is elegant, compact and easy to install. It will fit into an exhibition, promotional campaign or conference perfectly. Thanks to the convenient graphic panel switching option, the stand can be used multiple times, in various advertising or marketing activities. You can choose between various types of stands. Stands can be constructed both straight and curved. They are available in different sizes, one-sided and double-sided. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Light stands

Light stands are counters and other constructions from illuminated posters to large-sized light boxes. They can be both stationary and collapsible, and transportable. Image printing for light boxes can be done on thin plastic – films or specialized light emitting fabrics. Changing the image of an ad is simple, with transparent silicone bands.