Outdoor advertising

We offer full-service fulfillment of outdoor advertising projects to ensure the success of any project – from simple letter stickers to fully illuminated logo. High-quality equipment, materials and knowledgeable, experienced professionals are able to provide excellent outdoor advertising solutions at a reasonable price. We have extensive experience in the production and marketing of all types of outdoor advertising projects – ranging from letters and light boxes to pylons, single or double, wall mounted or free standing. We manufacture light ads (single letters or lightboxes) with neon or LED lighting, depending on the needs and requirements of your project. We also produce door plates of various types, styles and materials. We offer project coordination in relevant local government institutions. Our experienced masters will disassemble and re-install ads as needed.

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Light box

Light advertising is ideally suited if it is necessary to provide day-to-day advertising and to actively attract customer attention. We offer high-quality light boxes of different types and sizes, as well as light letters and signs. We use the latest technologies, high-quality and economical materials for the production of light advertising. We develop advertising design, technical project and advertising placement coordination in the municipality, according to client’s needs. 

Light box is one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising. The advantages of light boxes are their long service life, effective consumer exposure both day and night, as well as relatively small manufacturing and maintenance costs. Light boxes are mainly used for large advertising spaces. It is also possible to make double-sided, curved and various silhouette light boxes. We offer maintenance for our light boxes.

Light letters and spatial letters

Spatial light letters are one of the most sought after types of outdoor advertising. Light letters attract attention and look good on the facade of any building. They can be attached at any height both on the wall and on the roof. They can be seen from a long distance at any time of the day. Intensity and contrast of illumination can be regulated with light diodes. The use of LEDs significantly reduces power consumption and network load.

The process of producing light letters is complex and requires great precision. For the creation of each letter with a CNC mill, components from the composite materials are cut out and then precisely glued. Light sensors – neon or LED diodes – are put into the letters. This highly complex and time-consuming process makes light letters more expensive, but more representative type of your company’s advertising.

Light pylons

Light pylons are a combination of road signs and information stands. Pylon is a free standing advertising construction, which is positioned on the driving sections or on the territory of drivers and pedestrians for better perception of information. Pylon is made, using a variety of materials and technologies, as well as various types of construction. They are installed near business, shopping centers, office buildings, sports arenas and petrol stations and in other public places. Pylons have different shapes and sizes, but they are all complicated in both manufacturing and design.

Pylon installation includes excavation and concrete work, as well as the construction of durable metal structures suitable for changing weather conditions. Pylons can be illuminated and supplemented by diode screens, information bars or watches. We also offer technical project preparation and coordination. For indoor use, it is possible to manufacture smaller sized, finer design pylons, which have informative and decorative functions.

Unconventional solutions

Solvent printing is the most suitable technique for outdoor advertising – PVC banners and car stickers. As a result of solvent printing, the surface of the advertising material is durable and does not wear out, which is especially important for long-term advertising projects such as facade banners and car tents. This type of printing is suitable for materials, for which it is necessary to maintain flexibility and the ability to cover uneven surfaces. Ecosolvent printing is best suited for various sticker projects, including car labels.