Large-format digital printing

We offer a wide range of large-format digital printing services. Promotional materials of various formats – large-format stands, banners, posters, window and floor stickers, car stickers and photo walls can be produced. Printing on solid materials for signs and stands is available too. In production, we use a wide assortment of materials, also suitable for long-term projects. Materials of various weight and density are being used to fulfill large-scale advertising orders – from lightweighting, light permeable to highly resistant materials – to ensure compliance with various project requirements. Banners and other large-format materials are tailor made to suit individual requirements using high-quality digital ink (UV, solvent, ecosolvent, sublimation), ensuring printing speed and colour fastness for indoor and outdoor use.

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UV printing and solvent

UV is a type of printing that does not use solvents in the process, thus providing a colorfulness that will make any project look more bright and enjoyable. UV printing provides good results for both traditional materials (PVC, paper, textiles, cardboard), as well as materials such as films, polymer materials, composite materials, light filters, corrugated cardboard and many others. 

We offer printing of advertisement banners, posters and cloth imprints in rolls up to 3, 2 m in width, as well as flat-panel printing on various solid materials (cardboard, PVC plates, organic glass and aluminum composite plates). UV printing is a ROI solution, when water resistantance is required. UV technique delivers higher-resolution images with the ability to print finer details, a wider range of colours and a faster printing process.

Solvent printing is the most suitable technique for outdoor advertising – PVC banners and car stickers. As a result of solvent printing, the surface of the advertising material is durable and does not wear out, which is especially important for long-term advertising projects such as facade banners and car tents. This type of printing is suitable for materials, for which it is necessary to maintain flexibility and the ability to cover uneven surfaces. Ecosolvent printing is best suited for various sticker projects, including car labels.

Glass printing

Our UV printer provides printing on various types of plate materials. It is possibe to print on acrylic materials or other types of glass, providing great solutions for interior decorations, decorative wall panels, and information boards, front panels of light boxes and other types of advertising. Printing is done directly on the material, thus providing colour resilience, as well as a relief effect.


If you want to personalize your interior design elements such as cabinet doors or wall panels, create a unique tabletop or flooring, direct printing on the material will be an excellent solution. It is possible to print on both painted and unpainted MDF, veneer and other types of furniture materials.


UV printing is used not only for traditional types of printing, such as PVC banners, canvases for billboards, photo walls, large-format posters for outdoor advertising in transport stops – it is also an excellent way to quickly and efficiently create design elements for performances, corporate events and concerts. Whether those are small souvenirs, gifts for business partners and friends, or large-format facade design – your ideas, our experience and resources will help you to fulfill a wide range of projects.

Textile printing – sublimation

Sublimation is a full-color and full-surface printing method. Firstly, designs are printed on special paper and then transferred to the fabric during the heating and pressing process. Colour particles turn into gas, which then sticks to the fabric. This printing method gives you complete freedom in terms of design and colour choice, allowing you to choose the designs and logo you want to put on high quality 100% polyester fabric. 

Sublimation is the most suitable method for unlimited design possibilities when manufacturing sports uniforms and jackets. Sublimation allows you to retain the unique properties and texture of the fabric during printing process. Clothes and designs do not fade and colours last forever. Sublimation is irreplaceable in the creation of interior textiles – from furniture upholstery to massive wall decorations, as well as flags.

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