Ieva Grustina-Milbrete

Interior designer

I have been working in the interior, environmental and graphic design industry for over 20 years. I have always been interested in fashion and costume design. Knowing these two spheres, I believe that interior and environment, like fashion, reflect the current era and society.

 I am loyal to the ideas of the 20th Century modernist architects Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, and the motto "Less is more". When creating interior, I use golden values. I believe that the space should be connected with architecture and the environment. It must be comfortable, functional and harmonious. Room must serve a person. Natural, high quality materials and light add value to the room. 

Private interior expresses the essence of the owners. It is very important for me to have cooperation and contact with the client in order to work successfully. The project must be well-designed and substantiated for each case. However, the most important thing is clear vision and the overall image of the project. The ability to perceive and create the desired atmosphere is interior designer's most important task.

Contacts: tel. +371 29240240, E-mail: [email protected]


1997. - 2001. – Latvian Academy of Arts, Master's Degree; 

1991. – 1997. – Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of Environmental Art; 1987. – 1991. – Riga Applied Art College, Leather Processing Department.

Additional education:

1998. – 2000. – Floristry school “R. Garaissilas”, floristry; 

2008. – 2009. – ATELIER Bogomolov Image School, Image Design.

Member of the Latvian Designers' Society. 

Awarded the 2nd place in the competition "Design Award 2009" in the nomination "Best Private Interior".

Types of work:

Interior design from project to the selection of accessories, project supervision and coordination of work. 

Environmental design; 

Furniture design; 

Design consultancy; 

Creation of an individual image and wardrobe.


Works have been published in magazines such as Santa (May 2007, December 2010), Una (February 2014, May 2015), Deko (March 2009, August 2011) and Latvijas Arhitektūra. 

On the Internet: