National flags

We make country, city and region flags in accordance with the law on the production of flags, with officially approved colour codes and proportions. We offer flag, atlas or gabardine fabric. We use sublimation technique, embroidery or a combination of techniques. We make both one-sided and double-sided flags.

Corporate and private flags

We offer to make a flag of any design and size. It can be a corporate flag, as well as flag for weddings or any other special events with a symbolic meaning. We also offer design developement and various technical solutions.

Beach flags


Beach flag is an advertisement that stands out. They are mostly used at sporting events, off-site sales and at various promotions. Beach flags are easy to install anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Depending on the location, different bases can be used – dug into ground, filled with sand or water. 

Rectangular and droplet shaped flags are available. Beach flags are being made out of flag fabric printed with sublimation technique.

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Table flags and stands

Table flags are an integral attribute of any international business event and meeting. We make flags out of different fabrics – chiffon, polyester, flag fabric, gabardine or satin. Sublimation technique is being used. We offer a variety of stands for table flags – metal, wood, plastic, marble.

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Car flags

We offer car flags with plastic or metal stalks and car attachments. Flag fabric or gabardine can be used. Flags can withstand loads up to 70km / h.

Flag banners


Pennant is an identification mark of various organizations, sports clubs, dance collectives, choirs and various associations. Pennants are usually used at festive events or at Latvian Song and Dance Festival parade. Pennants can be made from a variety of fabrics, of different shapes and sizes, one-sided or double-sided. 

For pennant printing, we use sublimation technique, thermal printing, embroidery, applique or a combination of different techniques. They can be complemented with fringe, decorative cords, ribbons and bouquets. Our artists and project managers will advise you on the best solution and, if necessary, will develop a design for your pennant or flag.

Flagpoles and stands

Flagpoles for facades and metal flag holders. We offer wooden, fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles, as well as metal-framed flagpole brackets mounted on the wall. Indoor flag stands. Indoor flag stands are used in schools, conference halls, offices and other institutions. Flag holders may be made for one or more flags. We offer wooden, aluminum or steel racks of various colours and finishes. Flagpoles can be combined with various decorative tips.